How We Work...

At Steven Pellier Weddings and Events, each and every wedding or event that we plan, design and manage, is approached as a bespoke collaboration between our team and our discerning clients, in order to create one of a kind, unique, and the absolute ultimate weddings and events.


Your Consultation

With us is key to the success of any wedding or event. Our consultation ensures that we understand all of the key elements to reflect our client's needs and aspirations.  This is where we initially meet our clients, usually in person, but sometimes digitally via skype or zoom.  We take the time to get to know you, understand your personalities, requirements, initial ideas and overall expectations.


From here, we will provide you with our full proposal, including a consultation overview, projected costs and our detailed design fee.


Some of the discussion points during our consultation are:

  • Initial ideas, needs and aspirations.

  • Style and design outcome.

  • Your overall budget.

  • Must-haves and must not's.



Planning & Design

Interpreting all of the detailed information gathered from our consultation, Steven Pellier and his team will set about planning and designing your wedding or event.  We continue to collaborate closely with you, in order to refine our initial ideas into a fully formed concept, which in turn, we will present to you for confirmation and sign off.


Once you have agreed and signed off on our design, we start working with the most accomplished and reliable artisans and suppliers from around the world, to bring the design and vision to life.  This is by far the largest stage of all and encompasses a great deal of exciting tasks.  At every step of the way, our clients are completely in charge, as after all this is your wedding or event and not ours; we are here to advise, design and produce with our wealth of knowledge and experience, but you will be tasked with agreeing and signing off, on all suppliers and final designs throughout the journey.

A small example of the areas that we cover during the planning and design stage are:


  • Venue sourcing, shortlisting, site visits and negotiations.

  • All supplier sourcing, shortlisting, meetings and negotiations.

  • Development and management of client’s budget, including a full budget timeline.

  • Establish colour scheme, aesthetics and production.

  • We provide digital or tactile mood boards, 2D plans of proposed layouts, along with 3D visualisation & conceptual renderings if required.

  • Etiquette advice and assistance with vows, readings, music and speeches.

  • Stationery design, production and RSVP Management.

  • We will attend all supplier meetings with you or on your behalf.

  • Review all supplier proposals, quotes and contracts, as well as making supplier payments on your behalf if required.

  • Produce a minute by minute wedding or event day timeline.

  • Plan, design and manage any pre or post wedding or event activities and events.*

  • General wedding or event administration for you and your guests.

  • Confirm all suppliers and agree arrival, set up, de-rig and clearing times, as well as all venue specific policies and procedures.

  • Produce and distribute Steven Pellier and client approved timeline to all supplies one week before your wedding or event.

  • Organise and manage a rehearsal for the wedding party, if required.

  • Steven Pellier and his team will be available throughout for expert advice and guidance, with unlimited email and telephone consultations.

  • And much much more


Production and Management

The culmination and realisation of our consultations, planning and design, come to fruition with your wedding or event day.  At this stage, we are confident that you would have really enjoyed the entire journey and experience and will be well-rested, relaxed and totally stress-free, ready to enjoy the most amazing day of your lives.


On the day of your wedding or event, our team will be as busy and as excited as ever, setting up and managing the whole day on your behalf.


Some of the tasks and activities that we will be working on for you are:


  • We will be the first team on site, providing full management from the very start until the very end.

  • We will supervise and manage set up, de-rig and close.

  • Implement your agreed design throughout.

  • Assist officiants or registrars if required.

  • Communicate with musicians and entertainers, including attending all sound checks and sign off on set up.

  • Sign off on all supplier arrivals, setups and de-rigs.

  • Brief, communicate and manage all staff on-site, including but not limited to, Steven Pellier’s team, all suppliers and the banqueting or catering team, usually exceeding 100+ individuals.

  • Confirm and sign off on final set-up.

  • Brief and direct ushers.

  • Organise and send wedding party in processional order.

  • Attend to any other business on the day.

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Get in Touch

Thank you for contacting us, we look forward to speaking to you soon.

Steven Pellier Weddings and Events fee is 15% of your overall budget, a minimum fee does apply.

*Pre and post-wedding or event day activities and events, will be charged at 15% of the budget per activity or event.