Who is Steven Pellier?

Steven Pellier is a world-renowned entrepreneur in the creative industry, racking up an impressive 21 years in the hospitality, weddings, events, lifestyle, and interior design sector.  After a successful career within 5-star hotels and as a Merchant navy Officer onboard luxurious cruise lines, he set about opening Steven Pellier Group in 2013, where he alongside his amazing team specialise in the design, creation, and management of bespoke weddings and events, in the UK and around the world.

With a vast amount of knowledge, experience, and expertise gained over his 21 years in the weddings and events industry, whilst owning his own wedding and event planning agency, as well as working for some of the leading hotels of the world and luxurious cruise lines, Steven wanted to find a way to help even more people with all of the tools and experiences he had at his fingertips and as such, he realised how much help he could provide to couples planning their own weddings and to wedding and event businesses, who needed a little further direction and advice to propel their business and realise their full potential, thus Steven Pellier Consultancy was born.

To date, we are proud to have helped so many couples plan their own phenomenal weddings via our Wedding Consultancy and to have assisted so many wedding and event businesses realise their full potential, via thoughtful and considerate sales and marketing principles, with our Business Coaching service and we just can't wait to work with you too.

Areas of Consulting and Coaching Expertise

With Steven Pellier's 21 Years of experience in the hospitality, wedding, event, and lifestyle management industry, he has a tremendous amount of knowledge, experience, and expertise to help all of our consulting and coaching clients.  He embarks upon every consulting project with our wedding clients and coaching projects with our wedding and event businesses, with the savoir-faire and panache that you would expect of a chap that has planned, designed, and managed some of the most awe-inspiring weddings and events across the globe.

The areas of expertise where Steven Pellier can assist are vast, however, if we were to detail them all on this page, it would be like reading a copy of war and peace and we are pretty sure that you would become very bored scrolling and scrolling...therefore, please select whether you are a wedding client, looking for wedding consultancy or a business client looking for wedding and event business coaching below, to be directed to the dedicated page for your requirements. Remember, just because what you may require help with isn't detailed, it doesn't mean that Steven Pellier won't be able to help!  So please do not hesitate to enquire.

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"We are so proud to have helped so many wedding clients and wedding and event businesses and we honestly can't wait to work with you too - let's get started, it's going to be awesome"

Steven Pellier