Thank you for visiting and welcome to Steven Pellier Weddings & Events.  We are creators and producers of world-renowned luxurious weddings and events around the world, from our offices in London, England.  Working in collaboration with our clients and utilising our in-depth knowledge and savoir-faire, to design and produce the absolute ultimate weddings and events.  Our clients expect the very best and work with us around the globe, to create the most remarkable experiences that they and their guests will cherish forevermore.

We now also offer one to one consultation appointments with Steven Pellier, where you can utilise Steven's vast knowledge and experience to review your wedding plans, contracts with third parties, on the day plans and work together to ask pressing questions you may have about your special day and how to achieve your dreams without working exclusively with a wedding planning team.  Steven will utilise your consultation to offer a serious level of value to clients who are planning and managing their own wedding, with ideas, advice, suggestions, and even contract addendums you may wish to discuss with your suppliers.  Click here to for more information and to book a consultation appointment with Steven Pellier.


Please browse our website and follow us on social media to see how we can help you with your wedding or event and why not contact us to arrange a complimentary consultation with Steven Pellier, to discuss your bespoke wedding or event in London, throughout the UK, or at an amazing destination around the world.

"We really do provide the epitome of excellence at Steven Pellier Group. We cannot wait to work with you to create and produce your wedding or next event very soon"

Steven x